RJay McCoy

Staff reporter

I found myself finishing assignments at home and thought I would watch an American television series because I’ve never really done it before. Stumbling onto Hulu I found “The Act”, the first words for this show would have to be a slow and gradual series. Staying with the series was a good decision because it left me at the edge of my seat.

Would I watch it again if I had the chance? I would. It turned out to be a very good series.

What mainly caught my eye when first going through this television net series was the character play. Of the characters that drew me to the series had to be Nick Godejohn, played by Calum Worthy. Calum who plays as the “bad guy” in the film also played in the Disney series “Austin & Ally” the time I watched that.

This Hulu series is based on a true story and was in some ways exaggerated to fit for television purposes. “Gypsy Blanchard” who is played by Joey King, who is the protagonist, was born in Louisiana. When she was born, nothing seemed to have been wrong with her. Her mother who is “Dee Dee”, played by Patricia Arquette, kept her daughter very sheltered from the world from when she was young.

Gypsy throughout her early life was controlled by her mother Dee Dee and hasn’t been able to be in touch with the outside world. Her mother would always speak for her not allowing her with interaction.

This leads to Dee Dee feeding lies to her daughter concerning her health. Her mother faked her having leukemia, she forced her to think she couldn’t walk and installed a feeding tube into Gypsy. The community would give money in support of Gypsy as if she was really ill. The most intriguing part had to be was that Gypsy believed it too.

Dee Dee being overprotective of her daughter left her really feeling trapped. Throughout the series, Gypsy would find ways to interact with the outside world and started video chatting Nick Godejohn. Throughout the rest of the series, they share love between each other until Nick, who is from Wisconsin travels to Springfield, Missouri where Nick and Gypsy first meet at a movie theatre. This visit would be ruined by Dee Dee who accompanied Gypsy during the film.

Gypsy, who felt held down her whole life and trusting Nick, allowed someone who cared for her pass.

Nick and Gypsy begin to “act” as Bonnie & Clyde in a way throughout the film they go to jail together after the death of Gypsy’s mother and throughout the rest of their lives.

In the end, Dee Dee forced her daughter to believe to believe everything she said through manipulation and forced her daughter in a wheel chair for years.

After seeing the series, it was a must-watch if you’re looking in for new series to watch at home. I certainly would say it led me to be interested in seasons in the future.

RJay McCoy reported on this story from his home in Wichita.