By Min Jiao
Staff reporter

The Thanksgiving food drive will be continuing through the middle of November after its commencement at the Homecoming football game.

Lorenzo Fouts, sports management junior, said, “We started off as a project for public relations class and we’re trying to get something together to give back to our community here.”

“We kind of got in-depth into it and it is kind of fun,” said Nick Qualls, sports management senior.

The group organizing the food drive contacted the Salvation Army to find the families who are in need for essential things. “We’ll try and deliver Thanksgiving meals to those certain families in the community,” said Fouts.

Dylan Hackmann, sports management senior, said “We don’t have a specific family yet, but we’re going to find that out once we find out how much we’re giving out.”

To get the word out about the food drive the group set up in the Moundbuilder Market and sent a press release to the Winfield Courier. “We set up tables at volleyball games, basketball games and football games and have people give donations there at those tables,” said Fouts.

Qualls said, “We went door-to-door and putting out bags of just empty grocery sacks telling people they can put as much food as we can.”

The donations are being stored at Qualls house for the time being.  “We live off campus, so we can put it in the garage or the kitchen,” said Hackmann.

Fouts said, “Once we get closer toward Thanksgiving if we get turkeys and things like that we’ve contacted some stores so hopefully we can store them in there as well.”

The group put the food out a couple days before Thanksgiving. “We’ll do it two or three days before we’ll deliver it out to the families,” said Qualls.

Hackmann said, “We’re going to talk to Goodwill and Salvation Army and see if we can give the food to them and they can give to families in need or we can give it directly to the families in need once we figure out who needs it.”

“We’re hoping to get at least three full Thanksgiving meals. Within the next couple weeks we’re going to go around and ask business owners for frozen turkey donations and have them sponsor it,” said Hackmann.

Fouts said, “I’ve been there for the set ups and for all the games that we’ve had for the donations. We’ve also been doing planning and figuring it out and all of that so we’ve been doing quite a bit.”

The group has put in a lot of their time into making sure everything is planned out. “We really hope that we can get as much as we can from people in the community,” said Qualls.

Min Jiao is a junior majoring in communication. You may e-mail her