By Spencer Pullen
Staff reporter

The men and women’s tennis team is looking forward to the season with a plethora of familiar faces. The only way to go is up for the tennis teams as they are hard at work still preparing for their season opener against Oklahoma Wesleyan University.

This past summer, members from both the men and women’s tennis team attended an Adidas Skills Camp in New York. Randy Rally, Army tennis coach, conducted the camp and advanced the techniques of the members who attended. Also, the tennis teams held an Adidas camp on campus to help train as well.

The men’s tennis team is young, but talented, gaining much needed experience from last year’s 1-10 season. With an accumulative GPA of 3.2, they are more than capable of adapting and picking up on what the opposition is attempting to do to defeat them. This year comes veteran leadership from Jacob Mires, business and computer information systems senior, and Jessie Riggs, junior.

“Being able to work with other people and being on a team working toward one common goal has helped me step into the captain position,” said Riggs.

Coming off a 4-6 season two wins shy of .500, the women’s tennis team is looking turn their record around this year.
Melissa Roetzer, biology junior and Katie Mcnett, English junior, are ready be leaders. Randy Smith, embarking into his third season as the head men’s and women’s tennis coach, recruited three freshmen to help build the program.

Both teams are coming to the season with positive outlooks and are ready to compete this year. All the time spent practicing over the summer and the experience gained last season has propelled both squads to be confident.

Spencer Pullen is freshman majoring in new media. You may contact him at