Daniel Van Sickle
Staff reporter

In Emporia on Sept. 26, two 9-0 matches didn’t faze the Builder tennis team.

“We knew what we were going up against,” said Max Manely, men’s team captain.

Despite being put in the position of a likely loss the team maintained a good attitude and put forth there best effort said Manely and Tyler Harrell, one of the women’s team captains.

Two players, one on the men’s side and one on the women’s side, stood out this game according to the respective team captains.

Tyler Harrell said Ashley Smith, elementary education junior, played a really great and consistent singles match.

On the men’s side, Manely said that Logan Bevis, secondary education sophomore, played very well and had the longest match of the day.

Playing against the better team gave the Builders a better idea as to what they need to work on.

“We need to be more aggressive in doubles and poach more at the net,” Manley said, “For singles we need to stop hitting it in the middle.”

Harrell said, “I saw a lot of positives today. In doubles, all of the girls were making a better effort to move into the net and place our shots. In singles, I saw a lot of smart directionals.”

Harrell said, “Overall, we definitely need to work on our consistency.”

Daniel Van Sickle is a senior majoring in business administration. You may email him at Daniel.VanSickle@sckans.edu.