Pictured Above: Tennis player serves in a close match. (File Photo)

By Jason Allen

Staff Reporter

The Jinx/Tiger invitational tournament on September, 8-9 featured many teams for men and women with matches of doubles and singles. Southwestern teams included a lot of freshman’s that handled the pressure.  

Jason Speegle, head tennis coach, serves as both the women’s and men coach.  Speegle covered majority of the women’s matches in Winfield for the weekend. He said that there were a lot of good teams competing and good experiences for the players.  

“The reason we host this, we have a lot of new players,” Speegle said, “That I want to see them play and just to get match experience.”  

Taylor Crawford, sophomore tennis, finished first place in the women’s single Flight C. She cruised all the way to championship match ending it (6-2 7-6) (4).  

Colby Fugit, freshman tennis, had a match where she competed to finish fourth place in the Flight E match. 

Jerlecia Thomas, senior tennis, and McCall Dequasie, freshman tennis, won Flight C of the double match with a finish score of (6-3 6-1). Dequaise also finished third place in the single flight E with a score of (6-1 6-4).  

“I feel that I came up short this weekend as I expected more from myself, but you win some and you lose some,” Thompson continued. “I think I need to learn to love the game more because this is my last year and I just need to have fun.” 

On the men’s side, they competed in Ark City ended with a couple championship wins and semifinal wins. Hernan Hatem, assistant men’s and women’s coach, took over for the men matches. Hatem believes that the team competed well, especially the freshman being able to play big roles and handle pressure.  

Josh Ellis, senior tennis, and Aaron Hartley, freshman tennis, made it all the way to the champion to win the Flight B match.  

Sheldon Hawthorne, sophomore tennis, advanced all the way to the semifinals before falling short. Hawthorne said his keys to winning was just staying composed and working hard. He also said that he fell short of doing those things to help him get past the semifinals.  

Speegle feels that as the event came to an end that his women’s team, especially the freshman, closed matches and finished points, because in high school most players were able to get a lead and just relax. For this level, they have to learn the new style of play.  

Hatem, also feels that the team will need to work a little bit harder to win this season. 

You can catch the Moundbuilders back in action as both teams compete in the Kansas Collegiate Athletic Conference for individual championships on Sept. 15 in Winfield, Kansas.  

Jason Allen is a senior majoring in sport management. You may email him at Jason.allen3@sckans.edu