ABOVE: Santiago Ramos, mathematics sophomore returns the ball in his doubles match against Doane.  Ramos lost his singles match 2-6, 6-7 and won his doubles match 8-4. (Emily Berry/Staff Photographer)

Emily Berry
Staff reporter

On Friday March 1, men and women’s Tennis won their second match of the 2019 season against Doane, improving their regular season record to 2-0.

The women ended the match with the score of 9-0 and men ended with the score of 7-2.  The players that had the longest singles match for the women’s was Brailey McMinn, elementary education sophomore, and for the men’s Santiago Ramos, mathematics sophomore. McMinn ended her singles match with the score of 6-1 6-2 and Ramos ended with the score of 2-6 6-7.

Jason Speegle, men and women’s head coach, was pleased with outcome of the men’s team. Speegle said, “I feel like our guys competed very well and solidly beat a very good Doane team. I think the team we just beat will compete to win their conference and to beat them 7-2 and have two very close matches that we lost, I felt that it was a very good test for us and shows that we have a really solid and deep team.”

For the women’s team he was happy with the win, but hoped for more of a challenge than what was played. “On the girls Doanes a little bit down, any win is a good win we have so many freshman especially the girls that came in at semester that it’s good for them to get success early and build that confidence at this level and so for those new girls I think it was a good day and obviously if you can beat a team at this level it’s a good day. It wasn’t quiet the test I thought it would be when I scheduled them but their just missing a few of their players,” said Speegle.

Due to weather conditions, the team has not been able to practice outside very much and have been practicing at the indoor courts in Arkansas City, that has only two courts, or they do not have practice at all.  With playing indoors it has affected the performance of the players.

McMinn said, “Yeah, I definitely think so. With the sun actually being out today it looked like I was crying because my eyes were watery because I’m not used to it and the little cold breeze was also blowing in my face so it made my eyes water a lot, but honestly I’d like to practice outside more.”

Ramos also believed the indoor practice effected his performance. “Yeah a lot, when we practice indoor we don’t only play without wind, without the sun, without all the climate changes that can affect your game, but also we practice less time around one hour one and a half, so it affects a lot,” said Ramos.

As the new season is beginning, each player has a goal for themselves and as a team. McMinn said, “As a team I really want us to get to nationals, I definitely think that achievable and I think it is something we can do if we work hard and practice hard every day. Individually I just want to win as many matches as I can and try to get my point for the team.”

The builders’ next match against Baker on March 3 has been postponed. The next expected match is on March 12 at Warner in Orlando, Fla.

Emily is a sophomore majoring in communication. You may email her at emily.berry@sckans.edu.