Catherine Coe, biology freshman, serving the ball in the number three singles championship match. Coe would then win gold for the Lady Builders, winning 6-1, 6-3. (Lauren Sieh/Staff photographer)Juan Ramirez, senior, and Alvaro Canovas, freshman, starts their day one match of number three doubles. Ramirez and Canovas would play in the championship match and take home the gold. “I only played doubles but I think, Juan and me played pretty good, considering it was the first time playing together and we won the championship so it almost couldn’t have been any better,” said Canovas. (Lauren Sieh/Staff photographer)Kansas Dreps, biology freshmen, hits the ball during her singles match on day one. Dreps would lose this match, putting her in the loser’s bracket. She would then fight her way back to win the bronze in the number three singles. (Lauren Sieh/Staff photographer)David Moral-Tebar, sophomore, and Franco Poi, business administration senior, stay alert during their number two doubles match on day one. The two would advance to the championship match where they would  win the gold medal. Poi would then go on to win the gold in the number  two  singles and Moral-Tebar would win sliver in the number one singles. “The last two days were a lot of fun. Not only did I play strong, but the rest of my team was playing really well this tournament. I feel that these last two days were such a great start to my senior year,” said Poi. (Lauren Sieh/Staff photographer)Emily Feihle, sports management sophomore, and Emilia Schorghuber, biology sophomore, playing doubles day one of the KCAC Individual Championship. Feihle and Schorghuber would end up advancing to the finals where they would take home the silver medal for number one doubles. Both women would also take home the silver medals in number one and two singles. (Lauren Sieh/Staff photographer)Meganne Nihart, biology freshman, running to save a short ball during the number six singles championship match. Nihart would then take home the silver medal in for her team. Nihart said, “I feel pretty good about how I played, however there are things I could definitely approve on.” (Lauren Sieh/Staff photographer)Sheldon Hawthorne, accounting senior, and Ryan Fung, computer science freshman, are up 2-1 during their doubles match on day one. The men would advance to the championship match where they would take home the silver. Hawthorne would take home the gold in number four singles and Fung would take the silver in the number three singles. Fung said, "I’m very excited for this season and to play with the teammates that I have. I feel very confident about how our season can go because of our very competitive team." (Lauren Sieh/Staff photographer)