By Jonathan Woon
Staff reporter

Spring break is just a few days away. Before you know it, you will find yourself at home sleeping in or maybe you might find yourself playing video games all day long. I am sure by now most of you would have already had your to-do list drafted out.

Going home over breaks is a great way for family members and loved ones to. It is easy to behave differently once we have experienced college life alone. But should it be so? We are fully absorbed into our own business that school breaks end up being our personal time to catch up on games and movies. We lock ourselves up in our bedroom isolating ourselves from people claiming that we are on a break. I like to think of breaks as the only time when we get to spend time with our family. Once we’re out of college, we would start working and there really isn’t much time to be at home with the family.

Last summer, I learned that the best way to spend school breaks is to spend time with my family. I lost my mother to cancer over the summer and I regret not showing how much I appreciate her. Caught up with online networking sites and self-centered activities, I have forgotten the importance of taking time to show how much I love and appreciate my family. Her death caught me off guard as I immerse myself in selfish activities.

Trust me, it is not easy getting over the thought that I was too selfish in prioritizing free time to myself. When I lay in bed at night, I think about her and regret indulging in self-centered activities over the summer. Will my late realization and regret bring her back to life? I don’t think so.

If and only if I was be wise enough to appreciate those around me before it’s too late. If and only if I realize everyone has only one life and that it could be taken away anytime without prior notice. If and only if I could rewind the clock of life and bring her back to life. But it is all too late to cry over spilt milk.

Today, I look at school breaks with a new paradigm. It is never going to be the same and indulging in selfish activities will no longer be part of my agenda. I have come to a realization that we are all running short of time. Each second needs to be utilized wisely and what better way is there to utilize our time than to express our appreciation for our loved ones.

This coming spring break, you have a choice. The decision is up to you to invest your time in your loved ones or to spend your time alone doing things you think would benefit yourself. Remember, we all have one life and we have no control over our biological clocks. When it stops, it just stops. So, what are you going to do this coming Spring break?