Garrett Chapman
Staff reporter

Housing sign-ups are postponed due to the technical issues with self-service. Sign-ups will be held until the system is working again.

Please stay alert until the issue is resolved. Housing sign-ups may not affect you directly but it does affect plenty of individuals on campus.

Matthew Custard, psychology sophomore, said, “I am going to be an RA in the Fall of 2015. I don’t need to sign-up for housing because I already know where I will live. I am still affected with self-service being down because I use it to see my schedule and financial matters.”

Michael Bell, psychology sophomore, said, “I hope we, as upcoming juniors, are still able to pick out housing before next year’s sophomores. I think it’s only fair that we get a whole day to sign-up just like every other class does.”

Timothy Maclaskey, computer science freshman, said, “As long as it’s up and working by tomorrow I won’t mind. I don’t use self-service for anything anyways, but I definitely need to sign-up for my dorm.”

UPDATE: Self-Service is now working. Housing sign-ups are back on schedule. Juniors can sign-up today, April 7 and sophomores on Wednesday April 8th.

Garrett Chapman is a freshman majoring in communication. You may email him at