By Melody Brinigar
Staff reporter

Worship Outreach is a college ministry that applies students’ musical talents and gifts to minister to others. The group consists of roughly 25 members who are divided into three musical bands.

“Worship Outreach is about encouraging. It’s about knowing that God is real and believing that there is a plan that was intentional from the beginning of creation,” said Martin Rude, director of Worship Outreach.

Once a month the teams go out on missions to different churches. “The idea behind that is that we are taking our gifts, our talents, and we’re spreading the joy that we have,” said Daniel Reffner, philosophy and religion sophomore.

The faith based group focuses on music. “We want to share with the talents we have in the places we can make a difference. Music is a powerful communicator,” said Rude.

Rude has a heart for people sharing testimony through music. He wants to help students who feel a call to spread the Christian faith.

Being a part of Worship Outreach gives students an opportunity to grow in their spiritual and leadership skills.

“The team did a phenomenal job this past Sept. 7 leading the music as well as the televised sermon for a church in Wichita. The leader had the Bible in one hand and walked out in front of the congregation. She spoke. She delivered almost a flawless presentation of her testimony and scripture interpretation,” said Rude. “It’s just amazing to watch students overcome their struggles and demonstrate their faith. I was blown away.”

“I’ve grown so much, not just as a musician, as a leader. This experience has been phenomenal,” said Kaitlin Kendel, philosophy and religion junior.

Kendel is the music director and guitar player of the team “Keynotes.” Kendel transferred from McPherson College as a music major.

“Worship Outreach drew me in.” Experiencing the connection with Worship Outreach inspired her to change her major. “It’s about sharing the joy and love of God with others,” said Kendel.

Reffner said, “It’s about the musician entering into the presence of God. It’s when you’re at peace, being in the moment, feeling the music and being able to enjoy the music with your teammates.”

In addition to monthly outings, the teams are responsible for leading chapel at 11 a.m. every Wednesday in Messenger Hall. Worship Outreach meets on Tuesday afternoons from 5 to 6 p.m.  Classes explore the different aspects of the students’ skill levels, either playing an instrument, singing or heart skills.

Worship Outreach has released six albums.  The latest, “No Secrets,” was released in 2013.  A live Christmas album is planned for next year. Visit Youtube to view their videos or follow them on Twitter and Facebook @ Worship Outreach Southwestern.

Melody Brinigar is an undergraduate majoring in communication. You may email her at