By Avree Sheppard
Staff reporter

The funeral of Brandon Brown, 26-year-old Tabor College football player was held Sept. 25. The football player was slain after a party in McPherson and later died from his injuries. Brown was a father of two.

Ken Crandall, head football coach attended the service for Brown. “We went to show support from the coaches and players,” said Crandall. “Despite being an athlete, the situation is horrible. Life loss is never great and it hit home for us.”

Along with Crandall, five Moundbuilder football players attended. These were Brady May, sports management senior, Paul Mata, religion and philosophy junior, Nicholas Qualls, sports management senior, Jordan Barrett, elementary education senior, and Lorenzo Foust, sports management junior.

“I thought it was tragic and inspiring,” said Mata. Mata learned more from Browns story at the funeral service. From the teammate point of view, Mata said, “Losing a player in football is like losing your hand, it is irreplaceable.”

Kody Shields, psychology sophomore, gave his opinion on Brown’s tragedy. “In football the connection you have with a player is just like a brother. In practice, games, day in and day out you put your life on the line, so I could imagine something like this could cause you to get angered,” said Shields.

Although Tabor College has faced a big tragedy, they are staying strong. Memorials have been set up for Brown on both McPherson and Tabor College campuses. “The death of this man was senseless,” noted Shields. “No children should be without a father, and no mother without her son.”

“From what I learned he was a good man, just ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time,” said Mata.

A relief fund for Brown has been established with Emprise Bank in Hillsboro. Donations can be sent to Emprise Bank care of the Brandon Brown Relief Fund.

Avree is a sophomore majoring in communication. She may be contacted at