Jonahs Joudrey
Staff reporter

The swim club is still taking students who want to join. Joining is free for students and is open to all levels of swimmers. Members will be able to contribute ideas. Swim club will meet twice a week in White P.E. Dates and times will be scheduled with student input.

Taylor Parker, physical education sophomore, will be organizing the swim club. Parker said he plans on doing all sorts of different activities in the water.

With an $800 budget, he plans to experiment with kayaking and scuba diving. He’s also interested in purchasing towels, swimwear and goggles for members.

Why join the swim club? Parker said that swimming is a great recovery for athletes, a great exercise and Parker plans to have fun.

Rachel Wong, mathematics senior, decided to join. She said, “Just being able to swim made me want to join the swim team. I think it has the potential to be a fun workout too.”

Logan Bevis, history sophomore, is on the fence about joining swim club. With the busy schedule of a full-time athlete and student, Bevis is considering the positive effects that swimming can produce.  Bevis said “It would be awesome if I could incorporate swim club into my workouts.”

If you have interest in joining or have any questions about swim club, you may email Taylor Parker at

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