By Will Rosson
Staff reporter

Finals are fast approaching and summer break is just around the corner. Sometimes heading home for the summer isn’t an option.  For most students this means it’s time to pack up and head home. However not all students leave campus for the summer. For those students who stay on campus for summer, it means moving for three months.

On campus housing is provided o help students with summer housing needs. Sarah Hallinan, director of residence life, takes the role of getting students signed up for summer housing.

“There’s students here who have summer classes, live out of state, or maybe have internships, or working over the summer, and they need to stay here in Winfield,” said Hallinan.

Two apartment complexes are available. Both Honors and Warren apartments are offered for summer housing.

“The apartments are used due to having their own kitchens, since the cafeteria is closed during the summer,” said Hallinan.

Maintenance issues determine which apartments are offered. If one apartment is getting work done over the summer, then students will live in another.

Polina Dyadyk, psychology senior, is an international student living on campus has provided Dyadyk with an easy and convenient home.

“I have lived here for the last two summers. It’s cheaper to live on campus compared to finding a home off campus. I work on campus during summer, so it makes it quick and easy to get to work during the week,” said Dyadyk.

“I would recommend it for students looking for a home that have little options.”

Yang Yu, computer science senior, also works on campus during summer, and takes summer classes. “It’s a different campus during summer. Nobody is really here, but it’s okay,” said Yu.

“The best part is you don’t have to worry about anything being out of order or broken. The school provides water, cable, and internet. If I were living off campus I would have to call different places to get all these types of things fixed,” said Yu.

Move-in date is May 13 for summer housing.

“Students just have to come up and fill out an apartment request form in my office.” If students have any questions about summer housing, Hallinan is located in Sutton.

Most of the rooms are assigned, but there are still three vacant rooms. With incoming graduate students, there will about 30 students living on campus this summer.

Will Rosson is a senior majoring in communication. You may e-mail him at

Edited by Inger Furholt