By Taylor Finke
Staff Reporter

There will be an opportunity for studying abroad in China during the fall semester of 2013. Students that will participate in the study abroad opportunity will study at the Huangshan University in the city of Tunxi.

There are three tracts being offered:  business, intensive language and education. All tracts require various amounts of Mandarin Chinese classes.

The business tract is open to business majors who are interested in international business transactions. They will continue taking business classes online through Southwestern, and also will have the option of taking a Chinese business etiquette class taught at the university in English.

The education tract will also take online classes from Southwestern, and will have the opportunity to assist teaching English at a local elementary school.

Education majors, business majors, or others interested may choose to take the intensive language tract. The intensive language tract is focused on having students learn Mandarin Chinese quickly by immersing them in language classes as well as other Chinese culture classes.

Students who participate will also be able to travel around China and take in famous sites such as the Forbidden City in Shanghai, Tiananmen Square in Beijing, and the Great Wall of China.

Dr. George Gangwere, professor of physics, who has previously traveled to and taught at Huangshan University, will be supervising the semester abroad trip.

After traveling there with his wife, he decided that students could benefit from studying in China. “I felt that students should have the opportunity,” Gangwere said.

He explained that it would make students step outside their comfort zone and experience a different culture by completely immersing themselves in it. “That’s another reason to get Southwestern students interested in other culture besides their own,” Gangwere said.

Students who wish to take this opportunity have the opportunity to receive a $1,500 scholarship to help cover expenses. Students going to study for the semester must enroll in the 1 hour course named HLAS 395a. There will be no overload fee.

You may visit the Semester in China Program website to learn more information at Contact Kurt Keiser, Chair of the Business Department, at or George Gangwere at for any questions.

Taylor Finke is a freshman majoring in English. You may email her at