By Karina Michelle Davila
Staff reporter

Now that the fall semester has begun and 8 am classes have once again become a reality, it is a pretty accurate conclusion that students all around Southwestern are having trouble getting back into the routine of things.

In college many freshman are finding it difficult to keep everything together. Students are being introduced to higher expectations, more hours spent studying, longer high intensity practices, additional hours spent at a job and somewhere in-between it all finding the time to be social and call mom who lives 100 plus miles away.

“I believe that keeping balance in college is difficult for many incoming freshman because they are not used to college hours. In high school you are told exactly what to do and when to do it. Here you don’t have anyone forcing you to get things done,” said Felton Byrd, business sophomore.

Although there are countless ways to freak out about how to get your life together, there are also a few helpful hints on how to keep everything balanced.

“One way that I can keep balance is by setting alarms throughout the day. This helps me utilize my time to the best of my abilities,” said Seth Whitson, biology sophomore.

Apart from setting alarms and writing down memos as daily reminders some students decided to seek other methods of organization.

Marquis Hodge, undecided, sophomore said, “I decided to talk to my academic advisor when I couldn’t figure out how to keep things on track. I spoke to Bob Gallup, Professor of Physics and Mathematics, who helped me plan out a schedule that worked for me. I also spoke with Bobbi Thomas (associate academic vice president for advising and student success), who helped me with counseling.”

Whether they are incoming freshman or students who have dabbled around in the college world, it is clear that everyone has had the struggle of maintaining balance in some aspect of their life.

Karina Davila is  a freshman majoring in communication. You can email her at