Kasey Kaiser, sports medicine junior, Lindsey Knak, athletic training senior, and Kody Wendler, business senior participate in Bingo Night. Kaiser won an iPod Nano with a deck and a 32” LCD screen television. Katie Gomez/photographer

Kasey Kaiser, sports medicine junior, Lindsey Knak, athletic training senior, and Kody Wendler, business senior, participate in Bingo Night. Kaiser won an iPod Nano with a deck and a 32-inch flatscreen LCD TV. Katie Gomez/photographer

By Alejandra Rojas
Staff reporter

If you are too busy complaining that there isn’t much to do on campus, then you should have thought twice. Late Night Bingo was hosted by Campus Life Monday in order to provide students with a good time.

At Late Night Bingo, students received the chance to play Bingo and win prizes. The night began with staff and faculty serving breakfast to the students.

Melissa Williamson, assistant director of Campus Life, said she feels Bingo Night is a great way to see students who normally won’t go to events.

“It gets intense, it gets silent. When someone wins it’s really cool because all the students are into it,” she said. Williamson also said this event is a way for students to be around staff when they are out of the office.

Dan Falk, dean of students, called out numbers during a series of games, such as, blackout, four corners, and the famous Omari. This helped those with bad cards have an opportunity to win.

The Omari was first introduced by one of the original Student Foundation members, Omari Head, who worked in resident life and is an alumnus.

Brandon Hessing, coordinator of STUFU, said he remembers Omari faintly.

“I think that it’s a fan favorite. He came up with it because he thought it would be a good idea and people love it,” said Hessing.
Everyone stands up for Omari. If one number from your card is called then you have to sit down. The game will go until there is one person left standing.

“It is kind of a tradition, to play Omari. It is like last man standing for people who might have a bad card,” said Williamson.
Students got a chance to compete for various prizes such as a Blu-ray player, an iPod, Play Station 3, DVD player, Laptop chair, computer accessories, digital picture frame, DJ Hero, board games, CDs, 32 inch TV, Snuggies, and various body fragrance kits.

“I want to say we went bigger on the presents. We got a lot of prizes that have never been seen before,” said Hessing.
Tabatha McMullen, early childhood education senior won DJ Hero, she said at first she felt nervous because she didn’t want anyone to take her prize in the parking lot after the event.

“I feel really excited that it was my senior year and that I won. It’s great to actually win something,” said McMullen.

Although a lot of people were winners, in order to win the students had to fight for their prizes. If there was a tie the two students had to play rock, paper, scissors. To be safe in winning, students had to be prepared to yell Bingo fast and as loud as possible.

Erin Buster, music education freshman, had a winning card, but wasn’t quick enough to yell Bingo. She wasn’t fortunate to win a prize.

“I’m pretty upset. I really wanted to win that iPod. It’s been a blast avoiding homework though,” said Buster.
The cafeteria was over crowded right from the beginning. Some students who arrived late sat on the floor.

Hessing said he thinks a lot of people like Bingo.

“It has been here since before me and people seem to like it. I have a pretty good idea for future Bingos,” said Hessing.

Alejandra Rojas is a junior majoring in communication. You may e-mail her at alejandra.rojas@sckans.edu.