By Chandler Hall 

Staff reporter  


Just by the sand volleyball court, an event pointed out the need for improvement.  

On November 28, a s’mores roasting event took place behind Reid. There were no lights, except the two fire pits that were brought out and set by the sand volleyball court. The pavilion was used as the station to prepare the s’mores.  

One thing became very clear. That is, how dangerous the pavilion is.  

Karen Sinental, business management freshman, said, “The pavilion behind Reid needs fixing because the cracked boards and how they are broken is really dangerous. You can easily fall in it, especially at night time and we had a night time event there. Someone could have seriously hurt themselves. I think renovations should be made on it.”  

The pavilion is made up of boards, across one side there are big holes of broken boards.  

Residents were concerned with their safety and the safety of others, as they began stepping and stumbling over the holes and shattered boards.  

Curtis Quarrels, business management senior, said, “Someone definitely could have got hurt stepping through the boards on the pavilion outside of Reid. It could potentially be dangerous if someone doesn’t see it in the dark. Repair is definitely needed.  

Quarrels was in charge of organizing the s’mores event and does not plan on doing another event there, unless repairs are made.  

Hannah House, Reid resident director, said, “As res-life we use the pavilion facility a lot and is dangerous to have students running around that area like at the s’mores night. It was dark and people could have hurt their ankles. We had to tell a lot of people to watch where they were going. I think improving that would be a great help students and every residence hall, not only Reid.”  

Repairs are needed for the pavilion to ensure everyone’s safety the next time there is an event.  

House, said, “It would be awesome if we could find some somewhere to create something even bigger and better behind Reid. It would be a big morale booster.” 

Chandler Hall is a sophomore majoring in communication. You may email him at