On Thursday evening, you might have heard soft singing coming from the second floor of the library. At 9:15 a group of students met in the second floor conference room to worship and pray for the campus as part of Collegiate Day of Prayer.

Molly Komlofske, philosophy and religious studies sophomore, and Jessica Schaal, philosophy and religious studies sophomore, have organized several activities to encourage prayer on campus. “We felt called to do this last August. It started with the prayer room and 46 hours of prayer last semester,” said Komlofske.

Collegiate Day of Prayer is sponsored by Campus America, an organization promoting prayer. This is the first year of Collegiate Day of Pray but the organization is trying to make this a yearly event. Over 400 schools and churches participated yesterday in the event. At least seven of those were Kansas colleges. 

“We want the students on campus to gain a passion for prayer, to step back and connect with God,” said Komlofske.

Isaac Chua, philosophy and religious studies sophomore, began the evening by leading worship music. Students were then asked to lift up their prayer concerns for the campus. Fellowship, revival, community, perseverance, healing, ministry and forgiveness were a few things students had on their hearts.

Prayer continued late into the evening in Cole Hall, Reid Apartments and Warren Apartments.

Aaron Duell, philosophy and religious studies junior, led the prayer and worship in Warren apartments. He asked the group what kind of work they saw God doing on campus. Many of the prayers students lifted up were for courage to reach out to others on campus who may be seeking God and to minister to them.

Rene Schwan, athletic training senior, saw the event as an opportunity to help her classmates learn about God. “We all need a deeper gratitude for what God continues to do and look for God’s presence on our campus. If you look for things God does, you will see them,” said Schwan.

Students are encouraged to join campus ministry through Wednesday morning Chapel, MANistry, The One Thing, smalls groups, and worship outreach. “Once you involve yourself in ministry with Christians, you develop a community and you feel better, and you’re better able to deal with life,” said Schwan.

Zach Castor, biology sophomore, considers the night a success. Castor led worship and prayer in Reid Apartments. The group made posters about prayer that will be hung-up in the laundry facilities around campus. “I think students left with a more positive mind-set and a commitment to revival on campus,” said Castor.

To become more involved with campus ministry, students and faculty are invited to attend Chapel every Wednesday at 11 a.m. in Messenger Auditorium.