Zach Castor, biology senior, plays the guitar during worship services. Castor not only plays the guitar but sings. (Angel Vadillo/Collegian photographer)

By Rodney Marner
Staff reporter

On Monday and Wednesday at 9 p.m. if echoes can be heard when a group of students gather to praise and worship God. This group is led by Zach Castor, biology senior. “Anyone is welcome to come, I have a desire for the students at Southwestern to meet face-to-face with Jesus and worship him in spirit and truth,” said Castor.

It is an event that is led completely by students, no teachers or advisors are involved. “The great thing about the worship is that people gather to reach a more intimate relationship with God,” said Chandler Kirkhart, business senior.

The gathering places are random. Some of the places they like to gather at are at the top and bottom of the 77 steps. Due to the colder weather of late they have been gathering in different rooms of Mossman.

When they gather, Castor brings his guitar and they sing songs. Sometimes others bring guitars. They include Jordan Rebman, philosophy and religion freshman, Josh Sapp, biology sophomore, and James Conner, freshman. The songs they sing are contemporary Christian songs.

These students go because a love for God and nothing else. “It shows a sense of spiritual matureness within our students whom attend in the respect that they do not get a college credit, a gold medal, a paycheck, or a min by going,” said Kirkhart.

Castor is always welcoming and wanting more and more people to come and join in praise. “I send out a mass text before every session to remind people and tell them bring everyone you know,” said Castor.

“I love God,” said Alex Hull, chemistry freshman. He attends the worship as much as he can.

The students can come and go as they please. They start at nine p.m. but there is no ending time. They end the worship when the guitar player’s fingers start hurting or no one can think of anymore songs to sing. Sometimes it goes until 10 p.m. and others it goes until 11:30 p.m.

Castor is always encouraging people to come join the group.

Rodney Marner is a freshman majoring in convergent journalism. You may e-mail him at