The invention of the mobile computer, aka the laptop, has made its way to millions of people across the globe. Students can now go to their favorite restaurant and surf the free wireless Internet there. Then students can enjoy time on Facebook and chat with their friends. With the invention of Skype, students can also see and talk to family if they are feeling homesick. People can choose from so many laptop options. From color to size and shape, many students feel boggled by what is out there. What students should know is that one should not waste all their time on their new computer.

Like every student here on campus, a laptop is handed to you. After two years, the laptop is traded in for a newer model. With all the bells and whistles, you can just be drawn into the world. With Wi-Fi all over campus, the temptation of just sitting in the library and surfing the Internet is sometimes too much for students. They do not realize that in order to get ahead in their classes, homework has to come before Facebook. Now chatting with friends and family is important to most everyone, but you have to learn to put a stop on it. Being able to get away from your computer and just finish your homework is important if you really want to pass the class. Some teachers in the Business department will not allow you to have your laptop in class since it is too distracting, for not only them, but for others as well.

Looking at your schedule and seeing the amount of homework piling up is a daunting task. Sometimes all you want is to take a break and just check the latest gossip or play one of the many Facebook games out there. But spending all your time on it instead of homework can have its consequences. Say for instance, there is a biology test tomorrow and the entire study guide has to be filled out in order to study for it. You see that the guide is over five pages long, so taking a break on Facebook seems reasonable. But time slips by and it is getting too late to work on it. Next day you take your test and fail it.

Now, I am not saying that laptops are bad, do not get me wrong. They can help you by taking notes, emailing your teacher about questions on the assignment or just chatting with your friend overseas. Laptops have come a long way. For instance, I use my laptop to surf the Internet to research articles for my research project. I also check my email from my teachers who I have to stay in contact with regularly since I ask questions or want them to comment on my issues with the class. I will check Facebook and play the games I am subscribed to, but only to the extent of my free time. I also use Facebook as a way of communicating with my roommate or the other International Students when they need my help since Facebook messages are not sent to my cell phone.

Using what you learn, you can decide what option is best and make it where the laptop is a tool to further your education rather than a hindrance to your future.

Richard Gould is a senior majoring in business administration. You may e-mail him at