By Hanna House
Staff reporter

The Diversity Council has decided to add on to their celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. and his major contribution to our nation. In past years they have only done one day of activities but this year decided to have a full week full of celebratory events.

“Our goal was to really get people to know about MLK. In the past we have done a small MLK program but this time we decided to do an entire week of MLK events,” said Lai-l Clemons, director of Campus Life and the diversity council chair.

This year the message was given by Rev. Dr. Kevass Harding and outlined the message of unity in the community by expressing three ways in which we achieve this unity:

  1. Really living in love.
  2. Stop letting anger lead us.
  3. Being kind to one another.

Accompanying the speaker were a couple different musical performances featuring Ebony Clemons, SC Singers, Lena Williams, Jinx Dance Team and the New Destiny Youth Choir.

“I thought Pastor Harding was excellent, the choir was amazing, this was well done,” said Clemons. “This turned out great, I am very happy with it.”

This ceremony meant something different to every person that was in attendance. To some, it offered a time to look back on all the things Martin Luther King Jr. did in hopes of equality.

“It means a reflection that takes us way back in the day of fighting for human equality and this man did a lot of things just to prove that we can live like this. It doesn’t matter the color of the skin, region or where we are coming from,” said Washington Phiri, computer science major.

Some, like CJ Bruce, accounting sophomore, were simply there to “watch and enjoy” the ceremony.

The Diversity Council has two more events planned to end this week of celebration and remembrance. There will be a MLK Documentary showing the 23rd in Mossman 101 and a twitter contest ending on the 24th.

Hanna House is a sophomore majoring in communication. You can email her at