By Katie Vorderstrasse
Staff reporter

Learning a new language can be rather difficult. Imagine being from a different country teaching a foreign language. Frank Hua, education graduate, and Charlie Wu, education graduate, team teach LAS 151 Chinese Language and Culture.

It is rare for a graduate student to teach on campus. The two are grateful for the opportunity. “This is a very important opportunity for Frank and I,” said Wu. He will complete his master’s degree in May.

Hua is participating in the graduate program to earn his master’s degree. “The goal for this class is to give students the ability to write Chinese characters and read out pinyin,” said Hua. Teaching students daily phrases will broaden the student’s horizon when seeing other Chinese students.

It takes a lot of preparation to teach the class of 32. “Before class we prepare ‘funny things,’ but the students don’t laugh,” said Hua.

“They are really good teachers,” said Candace Hays, elementary education freshman. Hays has a great interest in the Chinese class.

This is just an experiment for the two. “We want to get feedback from the students,” said Wu. “With no feedback the instruction cannot go on.”

A main point Hua wants to express to students is the cultural differences. “Some Chinese students just don’t know how to speak English in a normal way,” said Hua. “It’s not that we are rude. It’s just hard to understand sometimes.”

“I greatly enjoy it, and am very happy to see more and more students speak Chinese and write Chinese characters,” said Hua.  This class is taught Monday, Wednesday and Friday in Derbeth 207. The course will be offered again in the fall.

Katie Vorderstrasse is a freshman majoring in communication. You may e-mail her at