Steve Kramer, assistant director for advising and student success, chills beneath his tent outside of the library. Kramer came up with the idea of a Student Success tent and can be seen roaming the campus on his scooter aptly names the “Student Success mobile.” (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)

By Raul Orozco
Staff reporter

Some things need to change in order to get students and faculty to attend and stay in school this year.

With that change comes stressful and difficult situations that affect everyone. Steve Kramer, assistant director for advising and student success, came up with the idea of the Student Success Tent.

He said that it’s main purpose was to for interacting with students in a positive manner. In Kramer’s words, it’s a way to smile silently at the kids.

Dawn Pleas, vice president for retention and student success, said that the Student Success Center didn’t reach the students outside as much.

However, with Kramer running the tent, the interactions are flowing and the students have someone to talk to.

Kramer’s tent is planted outside by the library every day from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Frank Rivas, business management senior, says that the place Kramer sets up at is unavoidable and he’s always there early. This makes it so that he catches the student traffic during the busiest parts of the day.

According to both Rivas and Pleas, Kramer has always been an outdoor person.

“I am more myself now than I ever have been…I feel like a camp counselor year-round,” said Kramer.

Pleas said that times like these require extraordinary measures, and Kramer posting up the tent needs to be supported for the better of the school and all of its students and faculty.

Kramer still has to figure out what to do on the rough and rainy weathered days, but his focus is to simply adapt to the challenges put before him.

Kramer says he has about 10 interactions a day, whether it’s a smile or a wave back.

He gets into deeper interactions with about an average of three students a day. Kramer hopes that soon everyone will acknowledge him in the form of a wave, smile or a few words.

In addition, there is another goal in which Kramer strives to accomplish.

He wishes to have other faculty members go out there with him and greet students.

Kramer said, “It shows that SC cares and loves you and wants you here. No other institution does this. We have the privilege of getting to familiarize ourselves with everyone at the school due to our size.”

“The dean of the school set up a tradition of throwing rocks in a mound 93 years ago, and it seemed silly. Now, 93 years later, it is one of our most important traditions. Great things happen when people step out and make something great happen, and I think that is Steve and this tent,” said Pleas.