By Kylie Stamper
Staff reporter

Several students remember stopping by what used to be the Student Success Center in Sutton Hall. That space is now empty and the Student Success Center has been moved to the lower level of Christy.

Bobbi Erdmann, associate academic vice president for advising and student success, said, “We thought this would be just a better location for a variety of reasons. It is a little bit more convenient for more students, it’s a more central place and it will have space to house our new quantitative learning center. We are going to knock out Christy 20 and make it a big classroom that can be used for classes during the day as well as study tables for the athletes.”

Brendon Fox, director of student success, said, “The idea was proposed to move everything and everyone under one roof. We just wanted to make it a one-stop shop kind of thing. Sutton was more accommodating, more accessible; everybody liked the wall of windows. I think it was more comfortable for them. It’s been difficult for the students to get used to. It’ll take some getting used to but we can make that change.”

The new surroundings will provide more space for tutoring and it will be ADA accessible.

Since the move, Fox says attendance has been declining, but with a big opening event in the fall, they hope more students will realize the services provided and where to go to get help.

Erdmann said, “We want to try to provide every opportunity for students to be successful.”

Despite the move, tutors and staff are always open to help any students that ask. “There is no stigma in getting help for subjects even if there are big papers due, there’s nothing wrong with coming in and having one of our tutors look at it.”

Cassie Hollenback, elementary education sophomore, is a writing tutor in the student success center. She said, “I love seeing students happy with their papers. I love seeing the students grow and seeing them happy with how their grades come out. And just overall seeing the students improve.”

Hollenback also says the success center is a place to feel comfortable. “You can come down for tutoring, you can come down to just do homework, just come and hang out. We can hang out, study, talk, whatever.”

Tutoring and student help services are free and the success center is open 8-5 daily. Tutors are available for math, statistics, biology, accounting, writing, and others upon request. The student success center is located on the bottom level of Christy on the north end of the hallway. Students can stop by and make an appointment, email, or call (620) 229-6370.

Kylie Stamper is a freshman majoring in communication. You may email her at