By Avree Sheppard
Staff reporter

Having an extra set of eyes to review school work makes the Student Success Center the right place to go when needing assistance. Brendon Fox, director of the student service center said, “Whoever wants help, there are no strings attached. Everyone has different strengths and should take advantage of the services offered.” Fox has been in charge of the center for three years.

The Student Success Center is a place where students can go to receive free tutoring in English, accounting, and algebra. The SSC is free to all from freshmen to grad students. The hours are Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. located in Sutton Hall.

Tanner Seidel, general studies senior, has been helping other students at the SSC for three and a half years. Seidel helps students with English papers, presentations, proof reading and various other skills for the English department. Other sources are easily obtainable through a tutor in the Student Center as well; research and outside help provided. Being a tutor for many years, Seidel has seen multiple success stories. His advice is to frequently visit the student center and that time management can really make or break a student.

A frequent visitor of the center is Carmen Brammer, psychology senior. Brammer used the SSC for services in English, having them over look papers. “The Student Service Center really helped me to learn and further understand my work, not just do it for me”, said Brammer.

The SSC is very conducive to the learning process and has a very relaxed feel. Appointments and/or walk-ins are welcomed. E-mail to make an appointment and see an updated list of tutors.

Avree Sheppard is a sophomore majoring in communication. You may email her at