converge1By Benjamin Whitener
Staff reporter

Today several different avenues exist for ways in which people consume the news. One can hold a newspaper in their hands, switch on a television, or turn up the volume on their radio. Now all of that can be found with the click of a mouse.

The student media is making changes in how to present the news and other media to the campus. The public will now be able to find all of this information on

Previously separate sites have existed for The Collegian, SC Television and KSWC Radio. All of the sites will still be available to the public, but SC Update will be a home for all media combined.

Stacy Sparks, associate professor of journalism, said these changes come as a response to the shift in professional journalism, the economy and the environment. “The cost of ink and paper has gone up, and every newspaper we print has to eventually be recycled,” said Sparks. “Without cutting back on reporting we’ve increased our opportunities to publish through electronic means.”

The website will also be an educational tool for those working toward a degree in convergent journalism. “It was Tom Jacob’s vision to combine the work of broadcasting and journalism students to create a convergent major and to earn that degree they have to know how to report via all media,” said Sparks. “SC Update and SC Collegian showcase their work toward earning their degree.”

Tony Marolf, computer science senior, has been working on the site for six months. He along with the help of Ben Whitener, computer science junior, have created a place for convergent media efforts by using a content manager called WordPress. Marolf said this website was produced as a separate entity of the current college publisher site.

Whitener wants SC Update to be a site people rely on for instant news. Whitener said, “I’m hoping it will eventually become something that people can go to several times throughout the day to find news about the campus. Immediacy is the goal.”

Tom Jacobs, the chair for computer science and communication, has similar goals for the website. Jacobs said, “It will be primarily news, but it can also be a central place for archival information, data, statistics about the school and a number of things people want to find out about.”

Jacobs said the SC Update will not take the place of the newspaper, television, or radio, but instead provide a different avenue for how people get their news. He said, “We want to be in everywhere that there is a place for a news platform.”

Cameron Siefkes is a senior majoring in communication. You may e-mail her at