By Jonathan Woon
Staff reporter

Wellness Services is the primary center for health care and consultation on campus. The Student Health Center is located on the bottom floor of the Student Center. It is open every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from noon to 1:15 p.m. and is available for students, staff and faculty.

Jane Kaufman, family nurse practitioner, works at the Student Health Center. Kaufman is able to prescribe medical prescriptions through physician protocol, order diagnostic tests, prescribe therapies, go through patient histories and physical exams, refer patients to appropriate specialists and agencies, give injections and many other health care services.

Besides Kaufman, Mary Ann Smith, wellness coordinator, offers counseling services.
She can meet with students over the lunch hour, in the evenings and on weekends.  Smith is located in the Sutton Center.

Dan Falk, dean of students, said he hopes Mary Ann Smith can serve more students conveniently.
“Mary Ann is here as a resource so students can have a person to talk to when they are stressed out or when they might have relationship issues or homesickness,” he said.

Falk said that it is important for students to know the services provided by Wellness Services.
Rutendo Jokomo, biology sophomore, works at the Student Health Center. She said long term medical prescriptions are available at the Wellness Center for free.

 Those who need help on medical prescriptions can make an appointment with Kaufman at the Wellness Center free of charge.

In terms of services, Caleb Chua, philosophy and religious studies freshman said “I am impressed. The free consultation, the shorter distance from the dorms makes it more accessible compared to other medical consultation centers located off campus.” 

Jonathan Woon is a freshman majoring in communications . You may e-mail him at