By Morgan Givney
Staff reporter

Student Government Association had their weekly meeting Sept. 13 at 5:30 p.m. in the Pounds Lounge. The agenda for the meeting consisted of speaking about what each of the five committees within SGA had been working on during the week, reports from the executive officers of the group, and allocation of funds.

“The biggest thing that we have been working on is making one form for organizations to fill out,” said Jordy Train, business administration senior, during office reports. Train is SGA president and was explaining that they are in the process of compiling one form for groups to fill out to do things such as hold fundraisers. This will replace the current system which consists of filling multiple forms out.

Becca Bustraan, education sophomore, reported that freshmen elections would be moved in order to give candidates more time to campaign. Brustraan serves as SGA secretary. “Elections will be from Sept. 21 through Sept. 22,”said Anastasia Prokopis, business junior. Prokopis is vice president.

“I worked with the Green Team on lighting,” said Jessica McIver, junior psychology major. McIver is SGA student conduct advisor. McIver went on to explain that they had walked around campus taking note of what lights had burnt out, places that needed more lighting, and received suggestions on light bulbs that would be more efficient and last longer.

During the meeting Trey Bruton, a sophomore with an undecided major, was inaugurated into SGA.

“The main purpose of SGA is to serve as a liaison between students and administrators, and help student led organizations succeed,” Train said.

Following that main purpose described by Train, the members of SGA were assigned an organization which they were to be a liaison to. Being that organization’s liaison, they act as a link between SGA and that particular group, lending their help and support.

During the allocation of the funds section of the meeting, there were three events discussed. First was making a contribution to Numana. Numana is a nonprofit hunger relief organization, the Numana event is scheduled for Oct. 2 at 4 p.m.

The second event requesting funds was Manistry. They requested funds which would support a weekly breakfast including “man cakes” to its members. The purpose of this event was described as being an opportunity to foster fellowship.

Lastly, it was brought up to allocate funds to support the Sexual Assault Speaker set to come on Sept. 21. “(Sexual Assault) is real and can happen to anyone,” said Train while reading the proposal to the SGA members.

President Train seemed encouraged by how the meeting went. “I was excited by the amount of conversation today, it is the most I have seen from past meetings,” said Train

Morgan Givney is a freshman with an undecided major. You may e-mail her at