By Hanna House
Staff reporter

The number one biggest complaint heard about college, specifically this one, is that it is so expensive. It costs $35,000, before financial aid, to go here. And that number is not for the four years here; that is a lovely payment made every year if you want to stay as part of the Moundbuilder family.

Sheila Krug, vice president for finance and human resources, said there is a $75/semester activity fee for full time students. This money goes straight to STUFU and SGA so the amount of money STUFU has for fun events is dependent on how many students we have, said Anjaih Clemons, director of campus life.

With the freshman class being so small, how does STUFU have the money to put a casino in the Java Jinx and put on bingo nights with the most extravagant prizes?

Clemons said that if STUFU doesn’t use all their money one semester, it will transfer to the next. If they make it to the next school year without using all their money, they will get the new activity fees on top of the rolled over money.

Clemons said STUFU is not worried about not having enough money because “we do the best we can with the funds that we have.” Clemons has worked at a college that has a lot less money for events so she knows how to work within a tight budget.

One of the most attended events put on every year is movie night. Clemons said that STUFU pays Cowley 8 Cinema per person that shows up. This year the cost has been around $800.

Ashlee Wenrick, biochemistry senior, is this years’ STUFU president. Wenrick noted that some upcoming events STUFU has worked into the budget for this semester are:

–        Movie nights in January, February and April.

–        Comedian show Feb. 2

–        Week-long “Shot by Cupid” game starting Feb. 14.

–        Leap Year seminar

–        Spring Break Awareness events

–        Freemium Fridays

–        Stau Bau with a different name, “Clash of Classes.”

The STUFU events are a major part of why this campus is more of a home instead of learning institute on a hill. Let’s keep supporting STUFU and all their hard work, because why not go, you already paid for it.

“Our job is just to make sure that the students are having fun and that we put on events that people want to see and want participate in,” said Clemons.

Hanna House is a junior majoring in communication. You can email her at