At this time of the year, my face begins to break out. I find myself sighing much more, my fuse is much shorter and spring break seems like years away.

You’ve guessed it. I’m stressed.

I thought I had planned it out great. My senior year was supposed to be smooth sailing. Instead, I find myself awake at 2:30 in the morning reading, writing and eating. Yes, eating.

I’m a self-proclaimed eater. I’ve mentioned my eating habits on many occasions. So, when I’m stressed you can find me sitting next to the little pantry in my room chowing down.

Now I will admit, the stress is brought on by my own bad habits. I’m also the self-proclaimed Queen of procrastination. If I can put something off till the last minute, I will. Both of these are unhealthy ways to deal with my stress. So, there are a few things I’ve had to change.

Finding other ways to channel my stress has become necessary. Otherwise, people may start to wonder what happened to Cameron. They may find I’ve eaten myself into a stupor.

First, I tried listening to “Rainforest Soundscapes: Soothing Rain, Thunderstorms, and Waterfalls.” However, I found myself either falling asleep and getting nothing accomplished or having the urgent need to use the restroom.

Then, I pondered the idea of jogging. Then, I laughed.

Finally, I’ve settled on yoga. During my sessions in the morning, I’m able to clear my mind. The only thing I’m focusing on is stretching my body and forgetting about everything I have to do. This is brand new to me, but after the few times I’ve done it, I’ve found I’m much more relaxed during the day. Of course I still eat, but I don’t find myself reaching for the food in my times of stress.

My second task was to find ways in which to reduce the amount of stress in my life. The answer to that was simple. Organization and looking ahead in my schedule has been all I’ve really needed to do. With the classes I have this semester and the amount of work I have, there can be no room for me to procrastinate. I’m getting work done in advance and trying to do all I can to be ahead of the game. I slip up every now and then, but it is happening less and less.

One thing I want to change, and having a hard time doing, is saying no. Somehow I always end up saying yes to people and that answer usually piles something else onto my already piled upon plate.

We all have our moments of stress and a lot of the time we only have ourselves to blame for it. To relieve it some people listen to music while others scrapbook or shop. I have a friend who literally stands on her head.

I think sometimes the most important thing to do is to stop and think about the situation. In that time when you think your life is coming to an end, ask yourself if what you are stressing about is a life or death situation. Is the drama with your boyfriend or girlfriend really going to change the rest of your life? Are you going to die if you forget a word in your speech in class tomorrow?

I will admit, it is very difficult to lead a stress free life. If you have the answer, please let me know.

If you can do only one thing to help yourself out just remember, you are so close. Spring Break is around the corner.