By Carlos Blocker

Staff reporter

Godspell was an interesting musical that really makes the audience think if it is well understood. I myself was impressed in the performance knowing that they had only two weeks for preparation. The way they started the show was a little confusing but by the end I had a pretty good understanding of what the purpose of the show was.

The play was divided into two acts, one told the story of Jesus Christ and the many adventures that he endured during his lifetime. The first act explained how Jesus came to earth to help everyone live the way God would want them to. It described the importance of forgiveness and that you should love thy neighbor regardless of how they treat you. I thought that they did a wonderful job of bringing out key messages and relating it to modern day issues. They did a fine job of keeping the crowd in tuned by having guest walk on stage to be in the play, also using modern day slang and references for a little bit of comedy.

The second half of the play mainly focused on Jesus trying to save everyone from sin, but he has come to the realization that he will not be able to save everyone. Godspell showed how Jesus was betrayed, crucified, and then resurrected to save everyone. The second half of the show did not use as many references as the first, yet they were still able to keep the audience’s attention throughout the musical.

One of the performers, Scarlett Green, spoke to me about her role in the musical. Green, the only freshman in the Godspell musical, talked about how much she enjoyed working on the play stage who goes by the name of Scarlett and she was the only freshman in Godspell Musical.

“I was invited to audition over the summer and I got a call back in July saying that I got a role in Godspell,” said Green.  Among a cast of talented and experienced vocalists, Scarlett found it to be a difficult task.  “One of the hardest things in this particular musical is being good vocally because every other actor in the musical is amazing,” said Green.  “Me being the only freshman with the least amount of experience was very challenging.”  For a freshman like Green the play provided an interesting opportunity to both grow vocally and spiritually. “Godspell was about seeing the inner beauty in one another and being able to set aside difference and frustrations to bring one another up instead of tearing each other down,” said Scarlett. Overall I think Godspell came out to be a really neat performance, and I highly recommend you go check out a play sometime this year. You can also check out the 9 Lives comedy improv group in one of their many performances this year.


Carlos Blocker is a freshman majoring in communication. You may e-mail him at