By Hanna House

Staff reporter

The first practice of the year can always be a tough one. It is even tougher if there is absolutely no air conditioning. Once you get used to the heat, it gets easier and easier to endure, but why don’t we have air conditioning in Stewart Field House?

Stewart Field House is a very pretty building to look at inside and out. Its vast stone walls and stained glass window set it apart from other gymnasiums.

Of all 10 of the KCAC schools, five have air conditioning in their main gymnasium.

As it is everywhere, things need to be updated to meet people’s needs and wants. According to Sheila Krug, vice president of finance, there is a list of things that need to be done around the campus.

If you have been to Cole Hall recently, you might have noticed the lack of carpeting. That was one of the projects that were addressed this past summer.

“The main reason is it just hasn’t come to the top of the priority list. It is going to cost about a quarter million dollars to put air conditioning in that building,” said Sheila Krug, vice president of finance.

You may be asking, is the gym used enough during the hotter months to where we would need air conditioning? As of right now, some of the camps and activities the college hosts during the summer months are held at the high school because of the high temperatures in Stewart Field House.

”The issue comes back to the way it was built and the economic impact of trying to put air conditioning in it,” said Dave Denly, athletic director and women’s basketball coach.

Hanna House is a freshman majoring in communication. You can contact her at