By Brad Cagle
Staff reporter

In the midst of a global pandemic and a crazy semester, there was the question of whether sports would take place this year inside of Stewart Field House.

There is a lot that goes on inside of the Stewart Field House, there are locker rooms and coaches’ offices for football, soccer, basketball and volleyball. There is also an athletic training room and even the basketball court.

Athletes and coaches have taken many precautions to ensure activity can still happen in Stewart Field House. James Bauer, offensive coordinator for the football team, said, “We make sure all of our guys come in and take their temperatures daily, as well as monitor their symptoms”.

“We have been using an app called Sway Medical to help track each player’s temperatures and symptoms each day, the athlete just has to fill in the daily information needed to help us stay on top of each sports team”, said Lock Schnelle, head athletic trainer.

The whole athletic training department has been working very hard all semester to help stay on top of testing and making sure each athlete is healthy and taking all the necessary precautions.

Basketball and volleyball have been playing games inside of Stewart Field House this semester and have seemed to do a good job making it a safe environment for the players.

“A limited number of fans are allowed at the games and social distancing regulations are required while always having to wear a mask at our games,” said Tim Miser, assistant men’s basketball coach.

Testing has also been done weekly almost all semester.