Woodley Fenelon, junior running back, breaks free for a first down.

Woodley Fenelon, junior running back, breaks free for a first down.


Dalton Carver
Staff reporter

Despite scoring first, the Moundbuilders again came up short against the Sterling Warriors in this weekend’s matchup.

The game was kept scoreless throughout the first quarter, as both teams traded three-and-outs several times.

A touchdown connection between Braden Langston, sophomore quarterback, and Skylor Kistler, senior wide receiver, opened up the scoring in the second quarter. However, a blocked extra point kept the Builders from scoring seven points.

Mario Esparza, freshman kicker, extended Southwestern’s lead with a 29-yard field goal. The score would remain 9-0, with the Builders out front, until halftime.

After halftime, Sterling found their way onto the scoreboard by way of a 27-yard field goal. With less than six minutes left in the quarter, Southwestern remained out front 9-3.

Sterling would close out the quarter with a four-yard touchdown, finally wrenching the lead away from Southwestern.

The lead would be extended with another touchdown run by Sterling. With most of the fourth quarter remaining, Sterling remained on top 17-9.

Southwestern’s woes would continue with a fumbled kickoff return that Sterling would recover. The resulting drive ended in a 32-yard touchdown pass, making the score 24-9.

Getting back on their feet, the Moundbuilders mounted a 68-yard drive that would result in their first touchdown of the second half. Southwestern would find themselves eight points down with less than 12 minutes remaining the game.

That would cap off the scoring for both teams and the game would end with a score of 24-16 in Sterling’s favor.

This brings the Moundbuilders’ record to 1-9, with one win in conference. They play their final game of the season Nov. 15 against the McPherson Bulldogs in McPherson.

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