By Kylie Stamper
Staff reporter

The month of April kicks off the time known as Stau Bau at Southwestern. Usually, Stau Bau runs the duration of one week. This year, the event will run all month. With events including a relay race with hamster balls, sand volleyball, and everybody’s favorite Harry Potter game called Quidditch, the month is sure to bring a new sense of excitement to campus.

The freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior classes compete against each other in a series of events with the goal of earning the most points. The class with the most points earns $500 towards their senior gift. Hayley Weston, communication senior, said that “Usually the seniors get pretty competitive because they need to purchase their class gift.”

Brandon Hessing, assistant director of STUFU, said, “It’s a fun activity to get the class together and come together in a joint effort. It’s a way for the underclassmen to start getting the heads up that ‘we need to start thinking of our class gift.’”

The main purpose of Stau Bau is to bring the campus together and to allow students the opportunity to feel like a family again. Weston said, “Your class is working together. It’s like Builder Camp where you have all the freshman together but they’re competing against one another. Now you really get to come together as a class again.

Brianna Helton, elementary education junior, agrees with Weston on the competitive side. “It gets really competitive; it’s like Builder Camp all over again,” She said, “It’s a fun way to earn money instead of going out and doing fundraisers.”

With classes done and students off campus by the beginning of May, it is hard to schedule fun events to close out the year before everybody leaves for the summer. Stau Bau provides that one last hurrah to finish out the year.

“It’s a last opportunity to come together. The month of April is kind of like one big going away tour for the campus,” said Hessing.

The schedule of events are:

April 2—Quad-Builder Relay

                  Who’s Who Water Tag

April 7—Tie-Dye Party

April 11—Sand Trap Game Show

April 15—Quidditch Tournament

Additional STUFU events in April:

April 1—Free Movie Night (no, it’s not a joke!)

April 19—Bingo Night

Kylie Stamper is a freshman majoring in communication. You may email her at