The time has come for each class to figure out who done it, and compete in a game of Clue.

Student Foundation will be hosting Stau Bau from April 5-10. Stau Bau means Builder Jam in German. This year’s theme is “SC Clue: It’s Not Just a Game Anymore”.

Zack Conroy, president of Student Foundation, said, “Stau Bau is a week full of competitive events for each class to show up and participate, earning points for their class, ultimately declaring the winning class on overall points.”

In order to get Stau Bau shirts this year, students will need to sign up on Facebook on the STUFU activity page. You can do this by pushing the attending button, and posting your class and size in the feed of comments.

Stau Bau will kick off on Monday night at InterSkate 77 where the classes will compete in various skating games. Tuesday there will be two Stau Bau shuttle buses full of fun and music that will transport students to Derby Bowling Alley. Wednesday is the carnival. Organizations will have activity booths set up and there will be games in the library. The students will also be able to participate in a Clue scavenger hunt. Thursday will be the second annual SC Top Model, and on Friday there will be a kick ball tournament. On Saturday night there will be a dance in Wroten.

Also on Wednesday there will be a booth set up in the library to help make packages for Haiti. Each student that signs up will receive one point for their class.

Brandon Hessing, coordinator of Student Foundation, said, “This is the big string event. The energy is high. We are expecting a lot of students to participate and have some fun.”

Thia Wilson, athletic training freshman, said, “I’ve never heard of an event like this, so I’m pretty excited to participate in the events and get my class some points. I think it will be fun for all the freshmen since it’s the first time for them to be a part of Stau Bau.”