By Morgan Givney

Staff reporter

Monday kicks off the annual week of activities known as Stau Bau presented by Student Foundation. “Stau Bau means building in German. It is a week of trying to build together,” said Erin Morton, physical performance and sports studies senior and STUFU president.

Audrey Vorderlandwehr, biology sophomore, has her own predictions on what the words Stau Bau mean. “I think that it more than likely means family first,” said Vorderlandwehr. While her definition missed the mark, she understands the meaning of the week-long event. “The purpose of Stau Bau is to bring the campus together one last time before summer,” said Vorderlandwehr.

STUFU executives and members have worked hard to plan the week’s activities that will last from Monday until Friday. “Our executive team and members come up with a list of activities we would like to do. It’s mainly working together and trying to get a schedule. Once we have the events we can figure out the days we want to do them,” said Morton.

Taylor Fogle, biology sophomore, see’s Stau Bau as an opportunity to bring the school together in a time of high stress. “I participate partially just to get out of the library because being in the library all the time is awful,” said Fogle.

While students express excitement in participating in the weeks events, each seems to have a favorite. “I’m most excited to watch flag football because I was always good at it in high school, but because of softball I’m not allowed to play,” said Vorderlandwehr.

“I like bongo ball because it’s super fun to shoot people with foam balls,” said Fogle.

“I actually want to see how the tie dying turns out, but I love bongo ball because everyone gets excited about that one,” said Morton.

Fogle noticed a change in advertising the event from this year to last. “I think last year was a lot better publicized so more people knew about the events. This year I know of flag football and bongo ball, but I know that flag football is lacking in people,” said Fogle.

Stau Bau is not only a time for fun, but a competition between classes. STUFU’s flyers around campus describe the event as “…a class competition in hopes that each class will unify for a common goal. To demonstrate that they are stronger united than as individuals, and the best Southwestern has to offer. Therefore the winner of the weeks competition receives the largest donation to their classes Senior Class Gift!”


The events for the week are listed as follows:

Monday: Kick off of Who’s Who                        12 p.m.

Tie-Dye                                                                   4-7 p.m. at Wallingford Lawn

Tuesday: Movie Night                                          9 p.m.

Wednesday: Bongo Ball                                                     4-10 p.m.

Thursday: Flag Football                                        5:30 p.m. at practice field by While P.E.

Friday: Ice Cream Social                                                      11 a.m.- 1 p.m. at Java Jinx

Sundae Contest                                                      12 p.m.


Morgan Givney is a junior majoring in communication. You may e-mail her at