When it comes to Valentine’s Day, people fall into two categories: you either love it or hate it. Men across the world let out a collective groan when it was announced that “Valentine’s Day” would premier February 12, just in time for that romantic date. While the movie does fall into chick flick territory, it doesn’t focus entirely on the sugary sweet side of February 14.

The movie is packed with a cast of today’s biggest stars whose lives intertwine to reveal the highs and lows of this romantic holiday. Ashton Kutcher (Reed) plays a florist who is recently engaged to Jessica Alba (Morely) and is best friends with Jennifer Garner (Julia), an elementary teacher falling too fast for her new boyfriend Patrick Dempsey (Dr. Copeland). Jessica Biel (Kara) is a high profile publicist who can only be comforted by chocolate and her annual “I Hate Love” party. Eric Dane (Sean), a professional football player struggling with a failing career and a skeleton in the closet, is the only thing keeping Biel from locking herself in her office on the worst day of the year. Shirley MacLaine (Estelle) and Hector Elizondo (Edgar) are about to renew their wedding vows when a secret from Estelle’s past threatens to tear them apart.

Others in the cast include Bradley Cooper (Holden), Anne Hathaway (Liz), Queen Latifah (Paula), Taylor Swift (Felicia), Taylor Lautner (Willy), Julia Roberts (Captain Hazeltine), George Lopez (Alphonso), Jamie Foxx (Kelvin), and Emma Roberts (Grace).

The number of characters may make it seem like the movie is hard to follow but many of the plot lines are not very deep and the characters aren’t all thoroughly developed.

Love is examined from all angles in the movie: new love, unrequited love, friendship, puppy love, and the love of a parent for a child. “Valentine’s Day” also features some surprise looks at adultery, lust, forbidden love, and “adult phone entertainment.”

Overall, the movie is predictable. It follows the formula for a romantic comedy and most of the characters receive their happy ending. However, there are a few surprises in store and the size of the cast allows for some surprising matches. Don’t expect to pick things apart and figure out the ending for all of the characters.

Even after the infamous holiday has passed, “Valentine’s Day” will provide some unexpected laughs to help pull you through the rest of February. It’s a worthwhile date movie but is more suited for a girls’ night out. If this weekend left you feeling as hard and stale as the left over boxes of chocolate, grab your best girlfriends and go oogle the eye candy together. The movie won’t be an award winner, but it’s sure to win its way into even the bitterest hearts this month.