By Alejandra Rojas
Staff reporter

The weather hit in the 70’s this past weekend and what did I see? Shorts and flip flops.

Then I began to realize, not only is spring knocking on the door, but it’s time for the winter coat to hibernate… finally. I have to admit, when I realized the weather was going to be nice, I looked in my closet and smiled.

I only smiled for two reasons. One, I don’t mind wearing the winter coat, but sometimes it’s hard to show off any clothing underneath. Now, I don’t have to worry about the winter coat, check. Second, I don’t have to wear socks. Yeah. My toes are free, check.

As I looked in my closet with glee, I couldn’t decide what to wear. In celebration for this wondrous spring weather there is so much to be excited for. And although I don’t quite remember what I wore on that day; I certainly know what spring clothing I’m excited to wear and why:

Flip flops: Everyone is hyped about wearing the ever famous flip flop. I too am a fan, but I like the sandal more.  Did I mention my distaste for socks? Now that my toes can roam free, it’s nail polish time as well. True, nail polish isn’t an item of clothing, but the right shade makes any outfit pop. In the spring I prefer bright colors such as pink, green, blue and purple.

Shorts: I don’t take the term literally, but I am more comfortable in shorts with the length of ¾’s. While short-shorts may not fit everyone’s body type, ¾’s style flatters just about everyone.

Dresses: Sure, dresses can be worn in the winter, but they can’t be rocked the same way. I believe the right dress comes from choosing the right print. Typically spring calls for flowers, strips, and dots. But, this season I’m going to revamp my whole dress collection to solid colors –like pink, yellow and dark blue. Solid colors add variety.

Skirts:  I tend to be more of a skirt girl. Lately I’ve become obsessed with finding skirts with pockets and this season won’t be any different. For me, skirts can be any color or print as long as the blouse is kept simple. I typically choose a bold color, such as dark purple for my skirt and a fun but basic blouse.

Cardigans: This is just a reminder that it’s spring, not summer. Although some days will be filled with warm sun, others will have a cool breeze. Being prepared with a light jacket or sweater is always a good idea. I normally would say a cardigan should have a light tone color, but what the heck. There are various ways to dress around a cardigan that can be both fun and notable.

Either way, spring calls for bright colors and warm tones; but fashion can be fun so it’s easy to dress anyway. The most important thing about getting excited for spring fashion is to be comfortable in anything you wear. Avoid ill-fitted clothing by dressing for your body.  It is tempting to buy an item because it “looks good” on someone else, but take caution.

Last but not least, accessorize. But, don’t overdo it. Go for the “less is more” approach. Trust me, it works every time.

Be daring this spring and remember, dress to impress.

Alejandra Rojas is a senior majoring in communication. You may e-mail her at