By Richard Gould
Guest column

Anticipating what will happen in the future is something that can never be explained no matter what you may believe. Being filled with anticipation on the other hand can happen. For me, I am full of anticipation for when I graduate.

Most graduations happen during the spring semester when everything is turning green and life is flowing back into the world. It is a much festive occasion with Spring Break thrown into the mix as well. When seniors come back from break they are in the downhill slide to graduation

I am a senior this year but my graduation date is being pushed back to December 2012 which is just fine by me. Finding the time to order class rings, gowns, caps, invitations, and letters are so tedious. Plus you have to track down all the addresses of relatives and friends that you want to invite as well which makes the process even more time consuming. The chances of someone not being invited or not making it increase as seniors wait till the last minute because of their senioritis catching up with them or them just being swarmed with tests, papers, and last minute assignments.

I for one am looking forward to walking down and getting a plaque with my name on it saying I graduated with bachelor’s degree in business administration. Once that happens, I will be burdened with all my student loans and the concept of basic business ideas floating around in my head.

Hopefully when I graduate I will be able to find a job that I will enjoy and be qualified for. Otherwise what would be the point in going to college at all? Wasn’t that the point in the first place to go to college to make a better career path? With graduation almost upon most seniors, most of them can hardly wait to walk out of the doors of the dorms and classrooms into the real world. But what most of them don’t understand (I was there once) is that the world doesn’t really care too much about what you learned but how you can be an asset for them and prove to them you deserve the job. If it means taking a job you really don’t want but need in order to rise up in the company or to create a stepping stone to something bigger you just have to suck up and get through it.

Overall graduation is a time to think about what you have done and where you see yourself going in the future.