By Nick Hofmeister
Staff reporter

Autumn is the time of change. It’s also the time to start thinking about registering for spring classes. Registration is done through Self-Service. A link for Self-Service can be found by clicking on “Current Students” in the Southwestern College main campus homepage.

Course selection begins Nov. 1, but that doesn’t mean students should put off thinking about registering. Christy Rude, education junior, said, “Students should decide what classes they’re going to take in the spring before registration is officially available so that they are able to make good decisions pertaining to their education plan and can avoid conflict with scheduling and avaliability.”

If a student needs help picking classes or wants to make sure the classes they’re picking fit in with their degree requirements, then he or she should schedule an appointment with their advisor.

“I would recommend trying to log on before registration starts to make sure everything is working okay,” said Bobby Smith, systems analyst. “The main problem that students have with Self-Service is that they can’t get logged on. Students can also come to me if they need help using any of the features on the site, whether it’s a how-to or if they just need me to e-mail them a copy of the student instruction manual.”

Registration is an important part of the school year and should be given some serious thought. Find out what courses are going to be offered and which ones you need before the day of registration.

Nick Hofmeister is a junior majoring in new media. You may e-mail him at