Just over a week stands between students and Spring Break, but looming in between them and the freedom of a week off are a series of projects, tests and attendance grades that may or may not be in the forefront of their minds.

Spring fever is defined by the Merriam-Webster’s Online Dictionary as “a lazy or restless feeling often associated with the onset of spring,” and right now, students are feeling it.

“I tend to procrastinate more in the spring because I’m waiting for Spring Break,” said Rosalina Valdovinos, English junior. “I think I’ll catch up on my work then, when everyone knows I won’t. Actually, for the past three years, I happened to get rather ill in the spring due to stress.”

“I feel very lazy an unmotivated to do anything because of the cold,” said Brianna Johnson, undeclared freshman. “It is so cold you just don’t want to do anything.”

But, another widely-known symptom of spring fever is the sudden attraction to others which students may feel as they begin to spend time basking in the sunlight. “Students come out of hibernation and (girls) actually shave their legs so they can wear shorts,” said Mandy Bostwick, elementary education sophomore.

Brad Pilgrim, biochemistry junior, said, “You’ve got the fishin’ comin’ up, the girls are putting their sweaters away and it’s one step closer to the summer. You want to go outside, and you end up skipping studying because it’s so nice outside.”

Other students have different ideas of what causes this onset of passion.

Trevor Yingling, chemistry freshman, said, “Well, you see what causes it is the trees and the flowers. They’re mating and it produces chemicals. It reacts with married couples and their sexualness. It’s like a chemical reaction in their brain. It’s just a way of nature.”

Kelsey Murphy, business sophomore, said, “Warm weather unfreezes the sex drive. When the weather starts getting warmer, the girls start wearing more revealing clothing, so the guys are like, ‘Hey baby.’”

The effects of this aren’t all bad, according to some. Daniel Forsyth, computer science sophomore, said, “I think it’s good for the environment. People are releasing their stress. The stress of second semester just gets to them and they have to release.”

But, whether students feel lazy or restless, is everyone affected by this syndrome?