By Cale Eirich

Staff reporter

For many students in college, the arrival of spring brings hope. Spring allows students to see the light at the end of the tunnel, the promise of the end of another long school year.

With all the optimism and hope the season entails, for many it is the true beginning of a new year. Just as spring means the upcoming freedom of summer, for baseball fans it also means that this is their team’s year.

For followers of America’s pastime, this is the season of hope for every fan of Major League Baseball’s thirty teams. As an avid baseball fan, I see the beginning of baseball season and the beginning of spring as mutually connected with hope.

While the cold nights of October seem years away, I cannot shake the feeling that this could be the year. Being a Seattle Mariners fan, I am deeply infused with feelings of hope when thinking about the upcoming season. The Mariners have not made postseason since 2001, seemingly a lifetime to an optimistic fan.

I can’t even recall that magical season where my team set a single-season record for regular-season victories. The hope that this year is the year is constant amongst all baseball fans across the nation that claims this beautiful sport as its pastime. The aspiration of a magical season returns every year in the spring, a feeling that combats the stress of another school year.

For myself, spring and baseball season is the true start of a new year.  The beginning of baseball season marks the beginning of hope and the near end of stress. It is comforting to connect the end of the school year along with the stress that comes with it to the sheer joy of optimism.

It makes me feel as if the finish line is near, and gives me a jolt of energy to finish the school year strong. As baseball season gives me the rush I need to finish another semester, it is important for all of us to find something to attach ourselves to and provide us with anything to help us finish strong. Whether that be relaxation or watching a game, make a conscious effort to find something that gives you hope. And if you, can try to make time to take in a baseball game.

Cale Eirich is junior majoring in communication. You may email him at