By Emily Braudaway
Staff reporter

This pandemic has put a lot of unknowns on athletics.

There is uncertainty about whether the games will get played. Will there be a different opponent or will there not be some games?

As far as policies go, each sport has everyone fill out the SWAY app. The app asks the players questions about their symptoms, and if they pass, it gives them a green checkmark that allows them to continue. The coaches also check temperatures before each activity.

Kyle Pond, head men’s soccer coach, said, “We try to stay in our bubble, wearing masks, making sure everything is clean, when we travel we don’t go anywhere we don’t need to, and hand sanitizing.

Tim Miser, assistant men’s basketball coach, and Whitney Corley, head women’s basketball coach, both said that they have spaces marked on the bleachers for the players to put their stuff distanced enough. They also wash the floor, the balls and the bleachers after every practice.

Corley said that players not in a drill have to keep their mask on.

Pond said “We work close with the athletic trainer, the state health department, the coach, the athletic director and all the way up to the president’s office”.

Lock Schnelle, head athletic trainer, said there is a huge collaboration between many people.

Mike McCoy, athletic director, said, “There is no league mandate in the KCAC as far as a number of cases or number of people in quarantine.”

The commissioner of the KCAC left it up to each individual school for what their policies are.

McCoy said that there are some schools that test regularly like us, some schools that test for symptoms and other schools that do not test.

Brad Griffin, head football coach, said that for schools that do not test regularly, an entire position would be in quarantine and in football, people cannot just change positions.

Pond said that what they look for to cancel a game is how many current positive tests, how recent were they, do you have people in quarantine and if so how many and how impactful are the people in quarantine.

Schnelle, said they look at if they can physically put a team on the field safely.

Griffin said, “Try to keep it as normal as we can. We are big fans of routine.”

All the coaches and McCoy are in agreeance that we are doing things the right way, which is sometimes not the easiest and the players are still sacrificing some things to be able to play their sports. They also agree that they need to control the controllable.

All the coaches are impressed with how their players are handling the adversity of it all and being diligent through all of it as everyone continues to be flexible.