By Taylor Finke
Staff reporter

As a relatively rabid fan of British television, and an avid bibliophile to boot, you can safely assume that if a book shows up in a British show, I’m going to read it. This was the case with ‘Summer Falls’ by Amelia Williams.

The short e-book follows the adventures of a young girl named Kate Webster, who is endearingly headstrong and independent. She had recently moved to the seaside town of Watchcombe with her mother, and is trying to make the most of the last week of summer holiday.

Her summer is uneventful until she discovers a strange seascape painting in the local thrift shop. Sinister forces seem to be connected to the painting, and she soon figures out that it’s a puzzle that, once solved, will release the Lord of Winter from his slumber. It’s not until her neighbor’s (an odd, but friendly museum owner who calls himself ‘the Curator’) magic talking cat pieces part of it together that the implications of what the Lord of Winter is are clear.

Overnight, every adult in Kate’s village disappears, and a heavy snow coats the entire town. Now Kate must figure out a way to stop the Lord of Winter from rising, with help from the son of an ostracized pharmacist and a tremulous little boy.

However, someone is desperately trying to wake the Lord of Winter and bring about his everlasting reign of snow. Kate has to keep whoever it is from retrieving the other piece to the puzzle at all costs, but doesn’t even know where to begin looking. There is also a traitor in the midst.

This was a sweet story, and definitely meant for readers younger than me, but I liked it all the same. It starts off a little slow, but picks up the pace towards the end. I definitely enjoyed having a strong girl protagonist for once.

The book was mentioned in the ‘Doctor Who’ episode ‘The Bells of Saint John’, and a bit of a spinoff of the show. It becomes plain, as the story progresses, who a certain ‘Curator’ actually is. I loved coming across references from the quirky show, and any part with the Curator I could easily imagine Matt Smith’s character saying in the show.

I think ‘Summer Falls’ is a nice read, and if you’re a fan of ‘Doctor Who’, a story you can’t go wrong with, since it’s very cheap. If you were wondering if Clara was right about chapter 11 being the best, buy the book and see for yourself. Personally, I preferred 10.

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