By Paige Carswell
Staff reporter

Students who attended a seminar on Assessment Day Sept. 22 got to hear some vital and often surprising information.

Brett Sokolow, founder and president of the National Center for Higher Education Risk Management was on campus to give his presentation, “Drunk sex or date rape? Can you tell the difference?”

Sokolow had three different messages: one for faculty and staff, one for student government and one for students. The Student Government Association helped get Sokolow on campus by sponsoring him financially.

Students who came to the seminar got to “play jury” as Sokolow told a story of a man who was charged with sexual assault in the second degree.

Morgan Stacy, chemistry senior, said, “I thought he was a good speaker. He kept me entertained and intersted. It was fun to pretend to be on the jury, but I wouldn’t want to be on the jury in real life and have to make a decision that would alter his life.”

For the faculty and staff Sokolow put the subject in a different light, and gave advice as to what to do if a student needed to talk about being raped, and where to go from there.

Dan Falk, associate dean of students, said, “I just thought the guy was outstanding. He had two student sessions, a faculty session and a session for the student government, all with a different message about the same issue.”

A culture of people looking out for each other, was a big part of Sokolows message.

“We’ve had rapes, accidents and DWI’s here. How can we look out for each other so that won’t happen again?” Falk said. “His visit didn’t answer all of my questions, it gave me more questions. Not everybody has it all figured out. We’re still up here talking about his visit.”

Inger Furholt and Paige Carswell are seniors majoring in journalism. You may e-mail them at or