By Kylie Stamper
Staff reporter

Rev. Dr. Quincy Brown delivers the Parkhurst Lecture as a part of Builders in Ministry week. (Daniel VanSickle/Collegian photographer)

Rev. Dr. Quincy Brown delivers the Parkhurst Lecture as a part of Builders in Ministry week. (Daniel VanSickle/Collegian photographer)


Michael Jackson’s “Beat It”, “West Side Story”, Scooby Doo, Humpty Dumpty, and even swag have one thing in common. They were mentioned by the keynote speaker, Rev. Dr. Quincy Brown, at the Parkhurst Lecture on Thursday night which was a part of Builders in Ministry Week. His lecture was titled “The Quest for Vocation: The Humpty Dumpty Moments of In-between Times.”

Other events included in the two-day conference were lectures by Doug Morphis, Valerie Robideaux, and speaking opportunities for SC students and staff.

Ashlee Alley, director of campus ministry, said, “Builders in Ministry Week is a time for current students, alumni, and even people who do ministry in the area to come and spend some time learning together about a particular areas of the life of the church.  This year, the focus was on creating the culture of your church or college where people are able to identify a call to ministry and have that call nurtured.”

Builders in Ministry week took place on Thursday and Friday and concluded with a short performance by the Worship Outreach team on Friday afternoon.

The Parkhurst Lecture was the main attraction at the event. A handful of students attended along with conference attendees. Brown talked about the story of Moses, he shared his life story in a motivating twist, and he added a little bit of flair to keep it interesting.

Carlene Dick, psychology freshman, said, “After the lecture, a friend of mine talked about that we enjoyed how [Brown] portrayed faith as a verb instead of a noun. I have never thought about faith in that way, and it made so much sense to me when he mentioned it.”

Sarah Louy, religion & philosophy freshman, was one of the students that attended the lecture. She said, “I thought it would be interesting and I thought it would be enlightening which it definitely was.”

This year was the 8th year for BIM. Each year they have different speakers and a different setup but one thing remains the same: they are always “dedicated to providing educational opportunities that nurture and enrich Christian leaders—lay and clergy—for effective living and ministry,” according to the Builders in Ministry website.

Alley said, “As a campus minister, I love it when students have an opportunity to see what others outside of Southwestern are doing in ministry.  I think it enhances us and gives us a great vision for what we could do. BIM Week provides an opportunity for SC to be a leader in developing people for ministry.  It helps us think about other ways that we teach ministry than the typical ways.”

Builders in Ministry week, although it is only two days long, allows an opportunity for Southwestern to grow in the ministry field. It acquires support from those who attend and hopefully in the next few years, it can grow to become something bigger; something that everybody knows about and something that becomes a staple in the religious community.

Kylie Stamper is a freshman majoring in communication. You may email her at