By Hanna House
Staff reporter


Bailey Collier, freshman, competes in the high jump. Collier finished 12th with a score of 5.10m.(Angel Vadillo/Collegian photographer)

Kelsey Buffum, secondary education sophomore, competed in the women’s 10,000 meter race. (Angel Vadillo/Collegian photographer)

Kelsey Buffum, secondary education sophomore, competed in the women’s 10,000 meter race. (Angel Vadillo/Collegian photographer)

Any event will take numerous hours of planning but a track and field meet consisting of 26 teams comes close to the top of the list. Southwestern has hosted multiple meets over the years, but none this big. Contestants were from Dodge City Community College, Cowley County Community College, Friends University and many others.

“This is the biggest meet we’ve ever hosted and it is a huge meet for any venue or any level of college athletics whether it is Division 1 all the way down through junior colleges. There were almost 1100 athletes entered in the meet so yeah it takes a lot of organization. The hardest part is getting started and making sure everything is running smoothly,” said Helmer, head track and field coach.

The Builders were very successful in their home meet. The results were:

Men’s Events:

Discus Throw:

8th place: Chris Paddock 41.64m

Triple Jump:

12th place: Hunter Cline 12.06m

Shot Put:

6th place: Chris Paddock 12.91m

High Jump:

Tie for 5th place: Zach Meeker 1.83m

9th place: Seth Topham 1.78m

Long Jump:

12th place: Zach Meeker 6.33m

Pole Vault:

Tie for 3rd place: Cayd Bloomquist 4.55m

10000 Meter Run

1st place: Colton McNinch 32:19.90

3000 Meter Steeplechase:

2nd place: Eric Anders 9:55.78

3rd place: Taylor Parker 9:58.78

5th place: Trey Bruton 10:10.54

10th place: Brandon Hatch 10:42.05

11th place: Caleb Jackson 10:47.25

1500 Meter Run

3rd place: Sam McDaniel 4:05.81

12th place: Nick Warnke 4:14.67

20th place: Christian Wacker 4:22.31

37th place: Devin Hlavenka 4:40.90

800 Meter Run

19th place: Sam McDaniel 2:01.99

23rd place: Christian Wacker 2:04.08

24th place: Keegan Gregg 2:04.16

33rd place: Nick Warnke 2:07.41

400 Meter Hurdles

2nd place: Brandyn Willard 56.52

110 Meter Hurdles

14th place: Seth Topham 16.66

100 Meter Dash

Tie for 22nd place: Hunter Cline11.41

4×100 Meter Relay

5th place: Southwestern College ‘A’ 3:27.29

13th place: Southwestern College ‘B’ 3:43.41

Women’s Events:

100 Meter Dash

19th place: Christina Meyer 12.90

20th place: Kayla Wilson 13.01

28th place: Marian Muegge 13.42

29th place: Bailey Collier 13.45

200 Meter Dash

7th place: Christine Sheppard 26.34

14th place: Ashlee Wenrick 27.07

20th place: Marian Muegge 27.34

28th place: Christina Meyer 27.67

36th place: Kara Kolar 28.04

37th place: Kayla Wilson 28.12

45th place: Allie Maffei 29.06

10000 Meter Run

2nd place: Kelsey Buffum 41:02.85

3000 Meter Steeplechase

2nd place: Rebeca Gamez 13:10.14

Pole Vault

16th place: Morgan Workman 2.75m

20th place: Bailey Kaiser 2.45m

Discus Throw

22nd place: Alex VanSickle 28.22m

Hammer Throw

13th place: Alex VanSickle 23.62m

Triple Jump

11th place: Kara Kolar 10.26m

5000 Meter Run

18th place: Maddie Chapin 20:09.62

24th place: Wendee Harris 20:50.31

Shot Put

10th place: Alex VanSickle 11.35m

4×400 Meter Relay

3rd place: Southwestern College ‘A’

Long Jump

1st place: Kayla Wilson 5.68m

7th place: Kara Kolar 5.22m

12th place: Bailey Collier 5.10m

4×100 Meter Relay

3rd place: Southwestern College ‘A’ 48.53

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