By Alejandra Rojas
Staff reporter

They come to finish their PhD.

Every school year, a religious scholar is awarded the opportunity to encounter a college community atmosphere, which will help the scholar grow, as well as teach students in church vocations.

The Institute for Discipleship is a part of campus that consists of a board, adviser and a director.

Stephen and Sarah Sours are this year’s visiting scholars from Duke University. They will share the position this year.

“The goal is to give them a chance to do teaching and experience the campus life of a school, while they finish their dissertations,” said Steve Wilke, vice president for planning and new programs.

Wilke said that the Sours were chosen because they have a real interest in helping students who are interested in religion. “They are real fun people. We try to find folks that would be good teachers,” said Wilke.

Visiting scholars are selected by a small committee which includes Dick Wilke, bishop in residence, Cheryl Rude, division chair for social science, Andy Sheppard, academic vice-president, and Danny Moss, Institute for Discipleship board member.

While visiting, the Sours will teach, participate in campus ministry, assist with the Discipleship program and preach with the worship outreach groups.

“It promotes a wide range of educational programs for ministry and for people in ministries or exploring ministries,” said Wilke.

Sarah said, “I will be working with worship outreach and with the chapel as well.”
Stephen said, “We get to teach one class a semester.” He will be teaching Introduction to Church this time around.

Not only will this experience help the Sours, it will also help students and faculty.

“Basically, it’s an enrichment. It helps the campus at large and helps them with their career in education,” Wilke said. “It just give students and faculty extra encouragement.”

The Sours are on campus to help students who are interested in religion and guide them in the right direction. They can be reached, for those who are interested, in their office, which is located in Wroten Hall.

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