By Min Jiao
Staff reporter

The Lady Builders softball team was scheduled to to open their season March 1 at the Friends Softball Invitational. The tournament has been cancelled because of snow.

Amber Good, head softball coach, said, “We are returning really good leadership and players that had a lot of game experience last year. “

Georganna Hopper, senior pitcher, said, “We had a really good season last year so I feel like we can build on what we had there and move forward from last year.”

Sara Blackburn, junior catcher and outfield, said “We had really good team coalition and we had really powerful hitters so hopefully we can build on that and build off what we had last year.”

“We do have some of the same girls so we can teach the new girls what we built last year and keeps it going this year,” said Blackburn.

The team’s number in players is going to be a challenge. “I want every player to stay healthy this year,” said Good.

The softball team lost nine players after last year. Five athletes graduated and four left. Three freshmen joined this year.

Blackburn said, “We have a lot of freshman that are going to be key roles and starting positions that will be different because they will just be getting used to how the game is played so that will be kind of hard.”

Hopper said “There will be a lot of newcomers, so we are a new team. The coaches are rotating a lot and if someone is having a bad day or struggling, she puts someone else in.”

Good said, “We are not sure about a starting lineup yet, but we have several new additions to the team that will definitely make an impact for us this year.”

“I think communication and unity needs to be focused on and staying as one team is a strength that we need to work on,” said Hopper.

“We are all pretty good at what we do so I think we are a well-rounded batting team. If one person is not doing well we can put someone in their place and get the job done,” said Hopper.

The softball team focuses on team work during practice. “We are trying to get as much situational work and live hitting in as possible,” said Good.

Blackburn said “We do have so many new girls so sometimes it can be hard to play ball when you don’t feel like you know and trust your girls.”

“We are just working a lot on that and still just trying to see as many pitches as possible from the plate too,” said Blackburn.

Good said, “Our conference is pretty even all the way through so it is just a toss-up as to who is having a good day that day.”

Blackburn said, “Bethany and Ottawa are always tough. Bethany is really good and they have a lot of girls that can really hit the ball. Ottawa has a lot of girls that can hit the ball nice and are really fast.”

“They are hard to beat and we play them both on the road I think this year so road games are always tough,” said Blackburn.

Hopper said “Ottawa and Friends are probably our toughest ones to face. We beat Friends last year and we have not done that for a long time.”

Min Jiao is a junior majoring in communication. You may e-mail her